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Drainage Installation

What is Drainage?

Water drainage allows for proper water flow in your landscape. If your lawn is retaining water in problematic areas, it can cause great issues in the future. Hiring us as a professional drainage contractor can ensure that your landscape is draining water correctly. We offer no-hassle, free quotes! Just call us directly at 832-209-2254 to speak directly to a friendly representative.

What Issues Can Bad Drainage Cause?

Bad drainage causes a broad range of issues that can cost you money and also create unnecessary risks. For example, bad drainage can erode your landscape beds, mulch and topsoil much quicker, shortening the life of your investment. Flooding is one of the greater risks involved with bad drainage. By not allowing the water to flow properly, the water buildup can flow into your home. Lack of water flow can also wear down your house’s foundation, which can be catastrophic. Still water can also create ecosystems of life that can become a nuisance or risk for humans and pets such as mosquitos.

Our Drainage Installation Approach

We offer more than 15 years of experience in finding solutions to water drainage issues. There are a variety of solutions possible for these issues, and our licensed contractors create a careful assessment to judge the best approach. There are also multiple types of drains depending on your landscape, budget, and current drainage issue. We work closely with you to understand your options, so that you can make the best decision for your landscape.

French Drainage

French drainage is one of the most popular approaches to drainage systems as it is effective, discreet, and can end up looking amazing. We do this by using a minimally sloped trench, beautiful river rocks or washed gravel, and PVC/Plastic piping. We use this system to direct the flow of water to a safe direction, and away from your house’s foundation. French drains are a very dependable, beautiful approach to draining water systems. Although it can be costly, it is very worth the investment.

Downspout Drainage/Diverters

Downspouts and diverters are usually attached to the home or business structure, and can guide water away from the building from roofs and problem areas. Many times these downspouts can experience leaks or compromises over time that will create water retention.

We begin by examining your current diverters issues, which can be a quick and affordable fix to your current water retention issues.

Landscape Drainage Pop-Up Emitter

“Pop Up Emitter” installations create pressure releases in areas that consistently experience water buildup. Pop-up emitters work great with downspout systems and in areas with no “cuts” to the curb. Although very effective, it may not be enough to protect areas with flash flooding or heavy rain.

Trench Landscape Drainage

Building a trench properly is not an easy task, and takes a certain level of experience to create effectively and beautifully. These trenches must consider HOA guidelines, and a carefully measure slope and design in order to be effective. Using certain materials like river rocks and landscape fabrics can extend the life of your trench, as well as make it more aesthetically appealing.

Landscape Drainage Contractor

Rain Day Irrigation is your expert landscape drainage professional. Our contractors are dedicated to your satisfaction, and offer the experience and knowledge to get your project done right. We are licensed to operate in Houston, and our online reviews speak for themselves. Call 832-209-2254 today to get a no-commitment quote on our landscape drainage services.

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